Lore Boys 9 – Deus Ex Macarena

Live from Nunavut, the Lore Boys are here to bring you the 8th grade science fair featuring hyper-advanced alien technology that is Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisble War.

We’ll hit all sorts of topics, including lizards, and what they really are. It’s almost impossible for us to discuss the illuminati and not discuss lizards, apparently. We can’t help it that they’re so mysterious, with their scales, their lack of external ears, and their ability to lay eggs.

Even if we could have spent a whole episode discussing lizards, we did manage to talk about some other stuff. We ask how many androids does it take to ruin a soup? Was Icarus a bad listener, or did Daedalus fail in being a responsible father? Is Pepto-Bismol an illuminati front?

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As always a big thanks to Eric Skiff for the use of his song A Night of Dizzy Spells.

LB8 – Two Kirbys, One Cup

This week on Lore Boys we’re talking about everyone’s favorite space alien who thrives off consuming its prey alive and repurposing their substance for its own twisted ends! It’s the Kirby episode! This is a sophisticated podcast, where we discuss Karl Marx and two of his more popular inventions: the love-love stick and the vibrating star wand! Strap your headphones on and come get lost in a house of mirrors with the Lore Boys!


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LB7 – How to Turn Your Metroid into a SUPER Metroid

This episode of Lore Boys has us talking about the Metroid series! We’ll answer all the difficult questions, like is Kirby a Metroid or is Keanu Reeves a Metroid? Is the word ‘space’ in Space Police redundant?

Topics discussed include: the deep-sea origins of the Canadian flag and Child Protective Space Pirates.

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As always big ups to Mr. Eric Skiff for the use of his song A Night of Dizzy Spells!

LB6 – Deus Ex Conspiratorio

Did the illuminati have hands in the JFK assassination? Are cyborgs people too? How the heck are we supposed to move all these foxes, chickens, and bags of grain, anyway? Tune in to this episode of Lore Boys and find out all that, plus the interesting story side of the first half of the Deus Ex franchise!

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Special thanks as always to Eric Skiff for the use of his song A Night of Dizzy Spells.