How to Ruin Your Life in One Uppercut

The Lore Boys are back; this time, with 100% more guest speakers. Nnamdi Wosu has joined the team while Peter’s still away on vacation, and he’s here to tell us all we don’t know about Street Fighter!

This week we’ll be suppressing our good sides, pumping up our Psycho Energy, and picking fights with strangers! We talk about Japanese race relations, about plenty of stereotypes, and how you can’t just call him “Dark” Ryu. We may be all powerful, but we still need a diaper every now and then!

Another big thanks to Nnamdi for filling in, and a big thank you to you listeners for leaving us awesome iTunes reviews.

And as always, Eric Skiff gets a shout out for the use of his song “A Night of Dizzy Spells”

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