Diablo Part 1 – Angels and Demons and Prankster Humans

The Lore Boys are back, if a little late, with a brand new feature-length full of funnies and facts. This time we’re talking about Blizzard’s Diablo series! All the know-how you need to defeat the three Greater Evils (and maybe a couple lesser ones for good measure) can be found inside.

We talk about a marionette centipede — like the human centipede, but with puppets — the superhuman who used his powers to prank the divine, Tyrael, the archangel, as played by Jimmy Carson, and a short bit about what I do in my alone time (hint: it involves “anu”).

So kick-back, relax, and listen in! Once you’re done that, head to iTunes and make sure to leave us some kind words that we can read on the air for you!

As always I’m gonna give a shoutout to Eric Skiff for the use of his song “A Night of Dizzy Spells”. Truly what a kind, generous, artistic soul whose work we’ve used for something so sinister.

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