Diablo Part 2 – The Nick Cannon of Diablo

Lore Boys are back, from Bikini Atoll, with the second installment of the Diablo franchise’s lore. We go full Griswold in the Gay Village and out-debate the devil with a crystal in our forehead.

As usual, we’re asking the hard hitting questions, such as: If your parents divorce over whether or not to use you as a slave in their army, is it really your fault? Is everything Nick Cannon says canon? Is Chlamydia the same thing as Lycanthropy? And of course, would the black soulstone make a good butt plug?

Make sure to check out the episode to find out, and once you’re done, head over to iTunes to leave us a review! If you want more great Lore Boys content, make sure to follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Youtube as well.

As always, we owe our first-born Nephalem to Mr. Eric Skiff for the use of his song, “A Night of Dizzy Spells” as our theme song.

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