RuPaul’s Superstar Saga

Well sometimes you just gotta look back and really pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve done. The Lore Boys are officially 20 episodes in, and we’ve taken all our best memes and put them in one big fishing pot to tell you guys about ourselves and everyone’s favourite Italian plumber.

This episode we’re each taking some of our favourite moments of Mario canon and we’ll each take a short turn at hosting. We also talk about what got us into podcasting, and how we feel the show has gone so far. Following this, there will be a two week hiatus from regular episodes while Ethan is away on vacation and while we reevaluate the format and content of the show. If you have suggestions, please let us know! We will still be releasing content while we’re on hiatus, so make sure to keep tuning in for more stuff from us.

Thanks to everyone who listens and supports us. Doing this show has come to mean a lot to us, and you all are what makes it worth it!


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