A Very Warframe Christmas

Wow well sometimes life throws you curveballs and sometimes those curveballs are blessings… or something like that. We’re back! 1/3 of us couldn’t make it due to unforeseen ungodly drunkenness, but the rest of the Lore Boys have made it out to bring you all the latest in Warframe Lore.

Warframe is a game about the future, and space, so we talk some about that. Space hillbillies, space samurai, space capitalists, space plutocrats, it’s all space! We also rag on Destiny a bit. Alright, we rag on Destiny A LOT. But Warframe sounds good! So grab your frame, hop into matchmaking, and tune in for the ride!

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As always, we’ll be waking up a thousand year old space samurai to thank Eric Skiff for the use of his song A Night of Dizzy Spells as our show’s theme song.

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