Biggie and Blind Guardian Reach the End of Vanilla D

It’s 2018 and we’re bringing planking back! The Lore Boys are here with the (temporary) conclusion to the lore of Bungie’s Destiny. We’re wrapping up Destiny the first as we wait for Destiny 2’s expansions before diving into that.

Today’s topics include but are not limited to: the Vex in an FBI van eating donuts and drinking boiled milk; advice from Biggie Smalls on leading the Fallen; is doritos and cheese curds technically a salad? This episode I struggle with the word presumably, Peter has a stroke and remembers fondly a Shake ‘n’ Bake competitor’s jingle, and James walks us through pranks of the future.

As always, Eric Skiff will be receiving a payment in resurrections via Ghost for the use of our theme song, A Night of Dizzy Spells.


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