Warframe II: It’s Always a Full Moon in Space

Anyone else so surprised that a free to play game would have so many hundreds of hours with such rich and deep lore? I know I sure was! We’re here to talk about everyone’s favorite grind: Warframe. Or, what Destiny maybe should have been but also probably not.

As always our hard-hitting journalistic style leads us to ask important questions such as: Did the “T” in Model T stand for Tenno? Are humans in the future still greedy? If an Ancient Robot only lives in the future is it really an ancient robot? Does it take more than 72 hours to make a baby? All these questions will be answered, so load into your frame and join us for a trip through the solar system!

We sent a moon-ful of children to the void in order to thank Eric Skiff for the use of his song, A Night of Dizzy Spells, as our theme.

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