Leggy Tanks

Sure, we go to space, but look at this, we put a leg on a tank! Lore Boys are back with more great nerd-lore. This time, we’re talking the popular 80s tabletop game Battletech, and its video game series Mech Warrior.

Talking points today include cannibalism in The Land Before Time, juicing a whale, snake oil salesmen in space, are seabirds the only real sustainable currency, and the fact that the energy required to cook raw chicken simply doesn’t exist. So make sure to hop on the clan bus, hurl some insults into the sun, and we’ll teach you all the lore you need to know.

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We’ve also decided to leave this galaxy and create a horrific, feuding, violent alternate society as thanks to Eric Skiff for the use of his theme song, A Night of Dizzy Spells, as our show’s theme.

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