Swedish Chef vs. the Moon Santa

Sometimes you have to wonder how an office-supply store chain relates to a city bent on drinking the blood of alien gods which turns them into paranoid, xenophobic beasts. Well the Lore Boys are here to tell you EXACTLY how. We’re talking Bloodborne lore, and we have all the good tales from Yarnham.

We talk about blood being like prescription drug, the Swedish chefs role in worshipping the Great Ones, moon presents (presumably delivered by Moon Santa), and Jesus’s teachings, namely to “Sit down, be humble, and only eat fish after Lent.” So grab your sword-cane and hop into the world of Bloodborne with us!

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And as always, we’re each downing a shot of the incorrect blood type as a big thank you to Eric Skiff for the use of his song, A Night of Dizzy Spells, as our shows theme.

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