The Magnetic Nicol Bolas

Lore Boys are back with more Magic: the Gathering lore. Sure, you know we’re headed back to Dominaria, but do you know why? Do you know the subtle nuances of what’s happened to the plane where we left it last? Well plug in your headphones to find out, or just to enjoy some laughs.

In this episode we ask: Is Nicol Bolas magnetic? Which demons can I pick up at my local McDonald’s? Do Planeswalkers know fractions? And Foot Man, is he the hero we’ve all been waiting for?

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More Magic: the Gathering lore:
Yawgmoth ‘n’ Yams (Urza and the Brothers’ War)
Jace Beleren in The Hangover
The Mirari’s Paw (Jeska Part 1)
How Many Bits to Stab Your Sister? (Jeska Part 2)
Thrice Touched Three Times (Jeska Part 3)
No Match for a Net (Jeska Part 4)

Also to Eric Skiff as thanks for the use of their song as our shows theme we’re usurping the gods of an alien plane and forcing them to subject the people their to horrible, Blood Bowl-esque trials of combat and skill.

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