People is actually lizards?!?! (GONE WRONG) – you will NOT believe this

Live from a post-apocalyptic bunker with tin-foil on heads, the Lore Boys are here to bring you the TRUTH. We’re flashing back to the 60s, where a massive alien conspiracy to cover up the TRUTH took place. From Tall Greys and their cheezy secrets, to the Lobstrocities and their role in all this, we don’t pull any punches to bring the real TRUTH to you, the listener.

This episode we learn how CDs work, that love ultimately more if noone asks truth indefinitely, and we discuss the possibility that clams may have assassinated JFK?! So grab your thumb tacks and yarn, and take a big swig of that flavoraid for this episode.

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And as a thank you to Eric Skiff for the use of their song as our show’s theme we’ll probably just let them distance themself from this episode as much as they want.

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