Hingus Dingus Does the Deep Periphery

Lore Boys are back with more Jason Statham slash-fic, by which I mean Battletech lore, of course! We’ve got all the dirty details on Jerome Blake Placid and his jihad. So remember to leave that phone down when it starts ringing, the internet’s coming to get ya.

This episode we talk about how hard a time the Mongols would have with modern firewalls. We ask who would be the Septarch Primus of Breitbart. We discuss how memes ultimately brought down the clan. And we laud whoever came up with the name for the spiritual successor to the Star League: the Star League 2.

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And as a thank you to Eric Skiff for the use of their song as our show’s theme we’ve decided to take all of humanity’s best and brightest and leave the inner sphere in search of what’s out there.

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