A Two Submarine Household

Lore Boys are here with all that juicy Fallout lore you need — just in time for E3 2018! We’ve got the whole Fallout backstory covered so you know longer have to smile awkwardly as that coworker of yours tells you for the umpteenth time why you should be grateful for the Fallout 76 announcement. Though we have to wonder if Bethesda had even considered that cloning the dinosaurs would have prevented this whole Fallout mess.

This episode Peter gives up our secret codes, James struggles with math, and Ethan has a really stupid realization. We ask, “If a tree fell in the ocean, who came first?” and discuss how climate change is like the planet is experiencing a hangover.

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And as a thank you to Eric Skiff for the use of their song as our show’s theme we’ve decided to use up all of the planets resources as reliably as possible to ensure we get a sweet, radiation-filled future.

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