Post Apocalypse Done Trendy

Happy 4th of July! This episode we’re doing a deep dive into more pen & paper, but this time in relation to a video game we’re really excited about: Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red’s upcoming sci-fi dystopia world is built off the tabletop RPG of the ’80s that shares the same name, and it’s chocked full of all the awesome lore and history you would expect, and it also may sort of detail a horrible dystopian descent of the United States brought on by rampant corporatism and greed BUT NOT LIKE THAT COULD HAPPEN, RIGHT GUYS?

We’re talking robot armies owned by corporations, bio-engineered plagues unleashed by government agencies, and maybe a couple fallen nukes. Strap in and slick your hair back while we take you on a wild ride through the Danger Zone of Night City.

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