Dark Souls 3: Better Than Fucking Your Cousin Edition

Lore Boys are back after our unexpected vacation, and we’re here with the hot spiciness that is Dark Souls pre-history. We’re talking that Big Soul Energy as we explain the origins of the Dark Soul, the four roommates who fight about it, Gwyn, the Witch of Izaleth, Nito, and the Freaky — ahem, Furtive Pygmy. […]

Jace Beleren in The Hangover

The Lore Boys are back, Dungeons and Dragons are back, Magic: the Gathering’s back, everybody’s back this week. We’re doing a crossover episode featuring the best of Ravnica: the newly announced expansion for Dungeon’s and Dragons based on a plane in Magic! It’s got everything: spy houses, rival factions, town guards, black holes, sentient paper, […]