Magician in a Space Furnace

Lore Boys here with more of Ethan’s favoritest good lore stuff: Dungeons and Dragons! We’re talking about the Spelljammer setting and all the space battlin’, phlogiston-huffin’, crystal-sphere story you can handle. We’ll discuss a protester chained to a tree for 5000 years, space mace, tree meat, Peter’s dumb friend, and the drawbacks of putting a […]

The Post Office at the End of the Universe

It’s the end of an era of Battletech, at least until we get mobs of Battletech fans storming our doors demanding more. We’ve reached the end of the canon timeline for Battletech, meaning we’re taking the Republic of the Spheres formed during the time of the Blake Jihad and dragging into into the Dark Age, […]

Yoko Slaanesh Breaking Up the Band

We’re back after a week off and coming at you with more of my personal favorite: Warhammer 40K lore. The Warhammer canon is so chock full of good stuff it’s hard to decide what to talk about, but we brought on a very special guest from the Stranger Lands podcast ( Murphy Giller! Murphy’s an […]