The D in BDSM Stands for Dracula

Excited about that hip new show on Netflix? Well the Lore Boys have you covered with all the backstory you might need. We specifically are talking about the Belmont family line, way before the events of the show, so you don’t even need to worry about spoilers! We’re talking about Leon Belmont and how he […]

Don’t Drink Out of That Lake: It’s Ghosts

Lore Boys are back for more good lore and video game backstory. This week we’re keeping the spook level set to doot as we dive into the scariest of foggy towns: Silent Hill. We’re tackling all the good spook stories that lobster country has to offer, from lost tourists to early European settlers playing Uno. […]

The Only Thing to Fear is Terrible Monsters Manifested from the Dreams of a Dead Girl

Lore Boys are back, and this time we’re talking about the First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.) team and their backstory. Who is the spooky little girl running across the screen of my Pentium III laptop? Why am I standing in a hallway full of blood with a scary skeleton dooting right at me? Why shouldn’t […]

Teaching Dad to Stand up to Biff the Magic Dragon

Hey everyone, Lore Boys are back this week to talk to you about Spyro, the Dragon, and all the lore therein. Who were Spyro’s parents, what’s his dragonfly buddy’s name, what was Cinder or the Dark Master’s business? We’ve got the answers to those questions and more! Plug in those headphones and we’ll figure out […]

I Guess You Could Call Me “Snake Eater” Now

This week is an event episode. Jamie returns from 5 weeks at war in Europe, Ethan is still sick but soldiers on, and Peter with the help of our friend Kris (@sketchnsteinz) tackles the life of Big Boss from the Metal Gear series! That’s right it’s our first four man squad! We’re talking Red Bull, […]