Is Drain-o a Witcher?

Lore Boys here with some spicy lore to catch you up on even more past and future Netflix shows based on IPs we all cherish. Will the Witcher series go over as well as Castlevania? We can’t know that, but we can help you get caught up on who Geralt of Rivia is, why he has cat eyes, and what his porn ‘stache could mean to YOU. We’re sifting the Continent through a pasta strainer to see what sticks, from bloaters to Leshens, and sexy Cinderellas trapped in towers of rats.

On this episode Peter confuses gnomes and babies, Ethan storms a unicorn’s glade, and Jamie talks casually about a movie he’s seen. Strap on in and come for a ride through the world of the Witcher!

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