Buddy Cop, Booby Cop

Season’s greetings from your friendly neighborhood Lore Boys. We’re taking on one of the world’s most notorious criminal perverts in this week’s episode, the fat, sleazy bastard that is Santa Claus himself. This episode, James gets his stripes, Ethan loses his cool, and Peter puts out an APB. It’s the lore of Ol’ Saint Nick […]

A Ticket to the Sticky Palace

Lore Boys are back, this time with that sweet anime goodness we love in the Persona series! Ever want to hear three absolute idiots talk about Jungian psychology? Well you’re in luck my friend as we do our best to pull the shadow over your eyes and show you our beautiful garbage iceberg. This week […]

The “P” in Pterrorist is Silent

This week we’re talking movies. Big Daddy Ethan has an exam so Jamie and Peter go wild and out with Jurassic Park. We cover how to make a dinosaur with the cheapest, but smartest sounding science. How would the media cover a homegrown dinosaur attack? How many words actually have a silent “P” in them? […]