A Ticket to the Sticky Palace

Lore Boys are back, this time with that sweet anime goodness we love in the Persona series! Ever want to hear three absolute idiots talk about Jungian psychology? Well you’re in luck my friend as we do our best to pull the shadow over your eyes and show you our beautiful garbage iceberg.

This week Jamie checks all his friends’ teeth, Peter drinks some puddle water, and Ethan makes sure everyone’s trash is tasteful. Shadows, personas, masks, strap-on goblins, we hit all the usual topics when discussing Carl Jung.

Thanks so much for listening, if you like the show, think about telling one friend about it RIGHT NOW. It’d mean the world to us. As always, anyone looking to help out the show make sure to follow us and leave a review on iTunes and across all our social media, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Also check us out on twitch if you’ve ever wanted to see us play the games we talk about

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