Sigmar part 1 – Blood Ravens vs. Crip Ravens

Lore Boys, Warhammer edition! We’re talking Sigmar Unberogen, big Daddy Emperor himself on this week’s episode. From his humble origins in the Unberogen clan all the way up to fighting off Nagash, Lord of the Dead, and eventually Morkar the first Everchosen of Chaos himself. This episode is part one of two talking about Sigmar, with an upcoming episode describing just how exactly we went from Sigmar leading an Age of Man, to an Age of Sigmar itself, so be sure to tune in for that one.
This episode Jamie learns about the log scale in the hole in the bottom of the sea, Ethan flirts with some necromancers, and Peter ties a bone to his pelvis and threatens to flush it all down. Strap in and let our voices (with some minor audio issues) caress your ears like the sound of creaky bones while you fuck.

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