Sigmar part 2 – The Power to Herd Cats

Lore Boys are back with part 2 of our Sigmar Unberogen trilogy! This episode we’re talking about the End Times, led by Archaon the Everchosen, the Three-Eyed King, the Lord of the End Times and the self-proclaimed supreme champion of the four Gods of Chaos who was sent to command the last and greatest Chaos Invasion. If the world of Mallus is full of substitious fools ready to buy into any ol’ pyramid scheme why wouldn’t they buy into a weird and violent cult dedicated to the end of all things?

This episode Peter enjoys Oreo filling with bread crusts, James experiences a miner’s headlamp which can’t be turned off, and Ethan learns that Sonic’s made of ice. So say a quick prayer to Ulric, lace up your crusadin’ boots, and get ready to crack some skulls as we continue on our journey to the Age of Sigmar.

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