Top Bunk in a Room with No Beds

Well here it is: a late submission for likely our most important episode to date. The Lore Boys are talking about the Lord of the Rings creation myth. That’s Illuvatar, the Ainu, the Valar, Gandalf, Balrogs, Sauron, Melkor, and more. Who is the God of Pouring? Of course we try and pepper in a few […]

How to Catch an Apex Predator

Lore Boys are back, this week talking about Apex Predators backstory and the fantastic world of Titanfall. For all the Fortnite fans trying to figure out what a “singleplayer game” is we’re breaking down the canon universe where Apex Predator takes place: the Titanfall Universe! So slap on a helmet, jump in a Vanguard-Class, and […]

A Dip in the Rat Pool

Lore Boys here with your weekly injection of juicy hot lore. This week we’re talking about the PS2 classic, Jak and Daxter series! We have all the lore from all three games, from Precursor to… well still Precursor. That doesn’t sound right. We’re talkin’ ottsels, eco, and time travelling murder fantasies. Naughty Dog really does […]

NegativeBots vs the MegaBots

Baweepgranaweepninibong everyone, the Lore Boys have returned once again with more information you actually cannot live without. We’re discussing the history, friendship, and frenemy-ship of Optimus Prime and Megatron of the Transformers. Learn how being poor makes you evil, how sexy griffons with arms are and how billionaires are in no way completely out of […]