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Top Bunk in a Room with No Beds

Well here it is: a late submission for likely our most important episode to date. The Lore Boys are talking about the Lord of the Rings creation myth. That’s Illuvatar, the Ainu, the Valar, Gandalf, Balrogs, Sauron, Melkor, and more. Who is the God of Pouring? Of course we try and pepper in a few good goofs but in this illustrious episode tackling one of the most important pieces of fiction of the last century we try and give it to you as completely as possible.
We ask if Legolas eats ass, we find out who makes a better Doorf than a window, and we cover Jamie in jelly and dog hair.

As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell your friends and leave us a review on iTunes and the rest our social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.) We wanna hear from you guys, so shoot us an email at loreboyspodcast@gmail.com or jump into a pool of alien goop and transform into someone who’s right here with us.

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