Our God Has Legs

Lore Boys are back, and Ethan’s hosting, which means we’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons, of course! This episode has all the juicy D&D items you care about: beholders, dancing swords, the Harpers, wizards, Manshoon, necromancy, betrayal, and more. We’re talking the lore of Manshoon, one of D&D’s earliest recurring characters, and his exploits leading up to the Manshoon Wars.
Jamie’s away in Katowice for IEM this week, but Ethan and Peter hold down the fort with the quality lore and goofs we’ve come to expect from ourselves. Ethan explores an ancient barrow looking for an adjective, and Peter blows his hand off while trying to run for city council.

As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell your friends and leave us a review on iTunes and the rest our social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.) We wanna hear from you guys, so shoot us an email at loreboyspodcast@gmail.com.

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