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North Kree-ans and South Kree-ans

After our brief hiatus the Lore Boys are back, and we arbitrarily have decided to call this our season 3 premiere! Truth be told, none of us knows why some seasons end and new ones start, so we’re going with our gut. We’re talking about Marvel comics’ Avengers on this episode, but we made sure to keep it completely spoiler free for Endgame content, so all you frosty nerds out there don’t need to worry ❤

Ethan tries to give some background on the Marvel universe, how it works, and some of the other, notable dimensions in the multiverse, and then we evolve into speculation about where the Marvel Collective Universe might go in what Disney is calling Phase 4. Whether it be sexy blue aliens vs. sexy green aliens in the Kree-Skrull War, just sexy green aliens posing as sexy Avengers in Secret War, an invasion of Duckworldians, or something different altogether, we try and touch on a couple possibilities as we bumble our way through another episode.

As always, if you like the show and want to show some support, the best way to do so is to leave us some reviews on iTunes. If you want to get in touch with us and maybe hear your message read on air, feel free to reach out to us on social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.) As always, don’t let any ant-sized men anywhere near your backside.

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