Made of Bats

Lore Boys are back with more tasty lore. In case you missed it, our previous Titanfall episode covers a bit of the backstory to Kuben Blisk’s Apex Games, and why all these quirky characters find themselves at the end of the known universe with nothing but and endless rain of firepower and a thirst for the blood of other athletes… a lot like Sochi, I’d imagine. But today’s episode is all about the personalities themselves. How Michael Phelps is Pathfinder, Nancy Kerrigan is Pathfinder, how Mikaela Pauline Shiffrin is, well… Pathfinder.

As we venture to the Frontier to take in some classic sport, James squatters up his speech, Peter parties with some Rats, Wrait gets arerested for shoplifting, and Lifeline finally changes her gloves. Grab yourself a gun and butter up some bats, it’s Apex Legends character lore!

As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell your friends and leave us a review on iTunes and the rest our social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.) We wanna hear from you guys, so shoot us an email at or squat on the land until we eventually find your plot and decide to set up some interstellar battle royale there.

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