Goo Pool Party

Lore Boys here with some juicy Dark Souls 3 info! We’re telling you all the background information you need on your favourite goo-formed god-eater and all the other tough-boy bosses from the third and (allegedly) final installation of the Dark Souls series. You could say this episode is the Dark Souls of podcasts, and as […]

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Jeska Thrice Touched Three Times (Magic: The Gathering – Jeska part 3)

Hey Lore Folk, the Lore Boys are back (at least 2/3 of us) with more Magic: The Gathering lore! We’re continuing our harrowing tale of a young barbarian girl who wants nothing but to help her ailing brother and to free her people from the evils of an ancient artifact which, so far at least, […]

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Hunter and EcoTerrorist (World of Warcraft – Corrupted Blood Incident)

Hello and welcome Lore Folk, the Lore Boys are back but are not long for this world. Jamie is still in Mexico so it’s another conference call, but that’s probably for the best as we are covering the corrupted blood incident from World of Warcraft. We certainly don’t want to get too close to each […]