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Deliver to: Dr. Hole, Hole, Hole

Lore Boys are back, with the hot new lore for you. By popular request, we’re finally taking succumbing to peer pressure and taking up smoking… we’re talking about Dorohedoro! This manga, which has run for the last twenty or so years, was recently announced to have an anime series in production! What better time to […]

I Guess “G” Was for God

Lore Boys are back after 20 some odd years in stasis to smell the ashes. Today (or whenever) we’re going back to one of the most important series of all time, Half-Life and it’s villains the Universal Union or Combine. Today we will learn how the Combine facilitate the three labours of grain harvesting, steal […]

Cars & Rockets, Anyone?

Lore Boys here with some hot car action. It’s Twisted Metal lore, and the story behind the lost endings of the first game. Horribly produced, painful to watch, poorly acted live-action cutscenes for each driver in the original Twisted Metal game. We’re getting nitty-gritty with the game some torqued tin, so hop on in for […]

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100 Episodes, baby

We Lore Boys are back for the 100th time! We’re celebrating 100 episodes by ignoring some of our special episodes and remastering and revisiting the first episode, The Legend of Zelda and the speculative Goddess of Time. Thankfully episode one is lost to time (on Soundcloud) so you probably haven’t heard it either! Today we’ll […]