Not Enough Bullets on the Island

Season’s greetings once again our fellow officers, esteemed members of the press and Lore Folk. We must once again interrupt your holiday season with another tale of crime, villainy and skullduggery. Will the nightmare never end?

This week’s press conference is in regards to the Yule Lads, the notorious deck of 16 crime cards who are hell bent on being a mild inconvenience to everyone in the far flung land of Iceland. Conspiracies abound as we try and track down each specialist before they strike again.

Jamie gets promoted, Ethan gets sober and Peter gets a little silly.

As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell your friends and leave us a review on iTunes and the rest our social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.) If you have and information relevant to the Yule Lads please email it to

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