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Grow Your Own Balogna (Halo Lore – The Spartans)

Lore Boys are back with Halo, this time with a focus on the creation of the Spartans including your favourite, John 117! Or if he’s not your favourite, maybe you’ll like to hear he’s one of the few characters who doesn’t have a past steeped in war crimes. Either way, these genetically modified supersoldiers built to […]

Cap off the Evening with Genocide

The most surprising thing about this episode is finding out that Mr. Bean had less than 20 episodes, seriously? Like what the Hell? Anyway, Lore Boys here and it’s a one man show kinda show. Not us of course, we don’t have that kind of chutzpah we’re talking about the incredibly talented Toby Fox and […]

A Dame with Eight Long Legs

Lore Boys here with some hot spicy history of Eberron. Who were the Progenitor Dragons? Where did they come from? Where do they go? Is this Cotton-Eye Joe fella somehow related? We talk about the history of Eberron, the Age of Dragons, the Draconic Prophecy, Demons, Giants, Khyber, Siberys, and oh so much more. This […]