Madman Has Jamie and Peter Talk About Themselves for an Hour

Some say I couldn’t have been done, some say it shouldn’t have been done, either way one crazy man down in the US of A did it. This week Tyler from The Other Worlds Podcast goes behind the scenes at Lore Boys HQ (Pete’s place) to get the skinny on the Boys. Why do we […]

Snake Oil in the Shape of a Taco

Lore Boys are back, with everything you need to know about Nokia’s snake! Who is the little guy? Isn’t he full yet? How does one snake eat so many rocks? Answers to these questions and more are all within, including important distinctions on how a taco-shaped phone gets made! We have Peter getting ideas of […]

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Primordial Mortal Yordle (League of Legends)

The best free to play podcast on the market is back baby! That’s right, it’s the Lore Boys and this week we’re talking about League of Legends! In the episode we attempt to explain how and why your team won’t support you, and it’s always their fault if you lost. We learn that Nagkabouros tracked […]