All the Anarchy of Universal and all the Slavery of Disney

If you thought we’d stop in these trying times you’d be wrong, with a wanton disregard for the safety of ourselves and others we bring to you the lore of the DOTA-verse. Do you know anything about DOTA? We sure as Hell didn’t so we brought on YouTube’s DOTA expert Anger for some assistance! She’ll […]

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Things Were Looking up for the Young Hitler (Red Alert Lore)

Hello Lore Folk! Stay home, stay smart and stay safe everyone. Today Ethan and Jamie are taking on a little Commanding and an unreasonable amount of Conquering, that’s right with a quick RIP for our homies over at Westwood studios it’s Command and Conquer time. The Lore Boys come at you as live actors along […]

Bad Dudes Make Big Trees

Lore Boys are back, with some real highfalutin heresy. We’re taking a run at the Pope and talking about Blasphemous lore. From the humble studios of a Spanish edge-lord’s game company to your ears, the Lore Boys are here to break down some boiling sap into some delicious Quebecois treats. Ethan is back for this […]