Roombas Out for Demon Blood

Lore Boys are bringing back the old school, with another listener request: Diablo! We’re talking about Big Boy Bulkathos and his little wimp friend Vasily, leading the Barbarian class of Diablo 1, 2, and 3 to a zealotry for protecting the Worldstone! This episode, Ethan straps some knives to a roomba, Peter joins a home-owners’ […]

30 to 50 Tiberium Hogs

Lore Boys back, with some more of that zany Command and Conquer backstory. If you haven’t yet heard our first Command & Conquer episode, you don’t need to worry as this timeline stands on its own pretty well. We’re avoiding the Red Scare this week and talking that troublesome Tiberium instead. Trees shooting crystal all […]

Tom Nook and Entrapment

Hello and welcome back, It’s us! Your friendly neighborhood Lore Boys! Assuming you live in our hood anyway. Jamie brings us some silly history in a time where we really all just need to relax. Nothing relaxes us like entrapment, crippling debt, pointless labour and Albert Camus! Ethan loses a Chinchilla, Pete figures the villager […]