Lombaxis vs. the Lomballies

Lore Boys are back, with more high-fallutin’, tech-shootin’, snappy-bantered buddy-cop duos… but no, it’s not another Jak and Daxter episode. We’re talking about Ratchet and Clank, a series so dear to Sony’s heart it was a cornerstone of the big timey-PS5 demo. It’s got cat-people, robot-people, rock-people, and even a janitor! Ethan finds out what […]

Dying is Faster than Driving

Lore Boys are here, and we’re talking about Borderlands! For our 3rd anniversary we figured we’d dive back and revisit our 3rd ever episode, with the added twist that we can now include the Borderlands 3, of course. We’re talking the Children of the Vault, a group of die-hard fanatics willing to do whatever it […]