The Coconut: The Island’s Answer to Anvils

Lore Boys are back with the Internet’s #1 Fake History Podcast. This week we’re taking up the Astarte’s mantle with more Warhammer 40K lore on the Space Marine Legions of the 30th Millenium. It’s the Salamander episode, and these only come around once every 15 years on Nocturne! We’re talking about great beasts, Saurians, and […]

Yosemite Sam, Son of God

Lore Boys here but not for long, we are leaving the physical realm of the living and moving beyond to the Empyrean! This week we’re capping off Dante’s Divine Comedy with Paradiso! Leaving Vergil’s Pagan butt behind Peter learns about the planets, Ethan learns about birds, and Jamie records backwards! Is that Dante’s big ol’ […]

Master of Mankind: M.O.M

Lore Boys have more 40K lore for you, and this time we’re talking Astartes Imperium — more often called Space Marines. Specifically, the first of the Emperor’s legions, the Dark Angels! Now, it’s not mandatory reading, but checking out our episode on the Great Crusade might give you a little more insight into this awesome […]

Gravity is Stored in the Balls

Lore Boys have arrived on our National Holiday because we don’t take days off! Today we’re making our way out of Hell and into Purgatory while covering the second part of Dante’s Divine Comedy! Today we’ll find out about gravity, time zones, penance as well as the nature of sin! Is Purgatory just God’s waiting […]