The Coconut: The Island’s Answer to Anvils

Lore Boys are back with the Internet’s #1 Fake History Podcast. This week we’re taking up the Astarte’s mantle with more Warhammer 40K lore on the Space Marine Legions of the 30th Millenium. It’s the Salamander episode, and these only come around once every 15 years on Nocturne!

We’re talking about great beasts, Saurians, and Dark Eldar, so saddle up those giant, fire-breathing hellspawn you call a salamander. This episode James discusses the importance of a dental dam, Ethan plays for keepsies (while specifying no takesies-backsies), and Tiny Peter walks into a Giant Ethan’s mouth. It’s all the Warhammer lore one could want!

If you wanted to catch up on older episodes, while it’s totally not necessary to enjoy this one, we have a few on humans and the Space Marines factions:

The Horus Heresy and Great Crusade
The Dark Angels Faction

And of course we have some on the horrible, horrible Xenos:


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