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A Head Full of Clarinets (ReBoot Lore)

Lore Boys back, this time with television lore! We’re talking Mainframe entertainment’s hit 90s show Reboot! We’ve got viruses named Hexadecimal and Megabyte, and heroes named Bob, Enzo, and Dot. Talking about Reboot also gets us talking a bit about Veggie Tales and James Bond, cause why the heck not, huh? Peter takes a sick […]

The Power of Denim

The Lore Boys return once again for what feels like at least the 39,000th time with Morty-K 40K Lore for your listening pleasure! Today we tackle what must be the most iconic of all the Space Marine legions, the Ultramarines. The blue, the gold, the denim and the symbolism. We explore the crash landing, explosive […]

From the Neck Down It’s All Baby Meat

Battle Angel Alita lore from the Lore Boys that brought you such hits as: Dorohedoro, Kirby, Kid Icarus, and many more. It’s the internet’s #1 fake history podcast with more tales from Japan! From humble beginnings in a trash heap in Missouri, not unlike our show, Battle Angel Alita really does paint a picture of […]