Simpin’ for Scarab Lords

Hey all, Lore Boys with more lore for ya! We’re talking the beautiful land of Azeroth once more, and ye old gods who were found on it before any life on earth. That means Alliance should be so high and mighty that the Horde orcs aren’t native, considering they had to oust so old Lovecraftian horrors before moving in. We’re hopping into the universe to make sure World of Warcraft’s one true timeline — named by the Bronze Dragonflight the “Daddy Timeline” — to make sure all is well and that we won’t have to respond to any extradimensional threats for at least another couple election cycles.
Ethan tells you to move it along, as there’s nothing to see here but ancient bugs, Peter drops Azeroth’s socks around their ankles, James talks Night Elf gentrification, and special guest MTLJer walks us through collecting bug parts to show your friends. Business as usual for everybody’s favourite grind-boys!
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One thought on “Simpin’ for Scarab Lords

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