Two Scoops of Raisinbrant

Whether you like it or not the Lore Boys are back in business!

Well most of them, with Ethan staying behind in the Nexus it’s up to Jamie and Peter to venture forth and tell you all they can about Demon’s Souls just in time for the remake on the PlayStation 5!

This week we’ll be diving into the history of the world of Boletaria, King Allan XII and his silent T, the cowardly Ostrava and the french Urbain!

Did banning the soul arts save the world? All these bald kids seem to think so!

We learn about the effects of demon fog, office romance, and poor translations. With a quick review of the original game to boot!

Jamie has a healthy breakfast and Peter accidentally throws himself off a cliff.

Just your slightly above average episode of the Lore Boys!

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