Eight Legged Freak in the Sheets

While you may have believed us to be illiterate, it is of course once again the Lore Boys bringing you some juicy comic book lore.

Now we of course are not gigantic nerds, so this one had to be requested by one of our wonderful patrons over on OnlyFa- Patreon.

His request was as you can see for Spiderman 2099 lore.

Today we’ll learn how a radical 90s dude was born of lies and continued the tradition of betraying his family, and how not to ask questions about the school we’re going to.

There are spidermen, spidercops and spidercars.

Peter gets his spit in the mail, Ethan gets a name change and Jamie finds comfort rattling his baby teeth around.

Just your average episode of Lore Spiders!

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