M4N – Man for Necromancer

Lore Boys are back with the internet’s favourite fake history podcast. Get your d6s ready because we’re diving into more Warhammer Lore with a brief history of Nagash, his homeland of Nehekhara, and some other favourites like Arkhan the Black! So strap in for some spooky mummies, blistering desert sands, and a sprinkling of regicide! […]

If Kramer Was Newman

Lore Boys are back, the internet’s #1 fake history podcast is here to bring you even more Russian Literature, with Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033, and the accompanying video game series! We’re taking a look at the subtle yet nevertheless present differences between the 4A Games eurojank shooter and another piece of Russian dystopian sci-fi. If […]

Can’t Make a Telephone Out of Meat

The Lore Boys are back with the internet’s #1 fake history podcast! We’re talking more SCP, more Grand Karcist Ion, more Yaldabaoth, and more Meat City, USA. Strap in for the War of the Occult! If you like SCP lore and want to hear more, consider checking out our other SCP episodes: SCP Lore – […]