Deep Holes: Russians Are About Them

Turok! He’s the native american hero who fought all those dinosaurs for us in the Civil War… or something. I guess you’ll find out on this episode of the internet’s #1 fake history podcast why exactly Mr. Turok fought all those aliens in a canyon, all thanks to Mrs. Dr. Mother-God. To join the discussion […]

The Warp is Full of Crocodiles

The internet’s #1 fake-history podcast, the Lore Boys, is bringing up more 40K bullshit. We’re talking about the T’au, and the subraces that make them up! Who are they? Where do they come from? Can you milk them? The answer to that last one might surprise you! If you want to hear 40K episodes, you […]

Horizon Zero Accountability

You want Horizon Zero Dawn lore? You got it, bub! Another listener request, the Lore Boys are deep diving into the fake history history behind the PS4-exclusive-come-Steam game. The way to a man’s heart is through the robot dinosaur, a smart person once said, and I expect this’ll be no exception. To join the discussion […]