The Warp is Full of Crocodiles

The internet’s #1 fake-history podcast, the Lore Boys, is bringing up more 40K bullshit. We’re talking about the T’au, and the subraces that make them up! Who are they? Where do they come from? Can you milk them? The answer to that last one might surprise you!

If you want to hear 40K episodes, you can find a whole whack of them on our website. We’ve done episodes on the Astartes Legions:

The Word Bearers

The Dark Angels

The Salamanders

The Ultramarines

The Space Wolves

And of course we have some on the horrible, horrible Xenos:





Or if you want some Warhammer Fantasy, you can check out some of these bad boys:

Sigmar part 1

Sigmar part 2

Sigmar part 3

Skaven part 1

Skaven part 2

Skaven part 3

Nagash part 1

To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord.

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