Ski Grooves Through the Blind Eternities

Lore Boys here with Neon Dynasty part 2! Kamigawa Part 1 Kamigawa – Neon Dynasty Part 1 To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord. To support the show, head to our Patreon for exclusive content, or check out our Merch Store to grab some Lore Boys branded merch. If you […]

All the Power of the Fission of the Sun in a Raccoon’s Balls

Finally off to a cyberpunk dystopia, the boys are back in Kamigawa covering the story of Kaito Shizuki and the Neon Dynasty. We’ve got samurai, kami, mechs, and moths on this one! This is technically a part 3, you can find part one here: Another Second to Bask in the Glow of this Beautiful Sun […]