Grass, Gas, Ass, or Phyrexian Compleation

The Lore Boys here finally putting the Neon Dynasty storyline to bed, and ramping up for a full blown Phyrexian invasion in the next few installments! We’ve got Kaito Shizuki reunited with the Emperor, now known as the Wanderer, dealing with Tezzeret and Jin-Gitaxias on their home plane of Kamigawa! To hear the other episodes […]

If You Bring Dinosaurs Back from the Dead They’re Still Zombies

What if Resident Evil had dinosaurs? Learn all about the Dino Crisis franchise this week with the Lore Boys.You might also like our Resident Evil EpisodeTo join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord.To support the show, head to our Patreon for exclusive content, or check out our Merch Store to grab […]

I’m Coo Coo for Cocoa Flames

Lore Boys here with more Fromsoft goodness with Elden Ring Lore! We’re talking about the Frenzied Flame, the Greater Elder God drawn to the Lands Between by mortal suffering. From flagellant vine priests to human sacrifices to pump up some garnets, ancient gods bent on delivering their own brand of annihilation, and how 2 Fingers […]

A Frog ‘n’ Clog Adventure

Lore Boys here with some classic PC-game lore with the original Thief trilogy. We’re going to the City and learning about the cults of the Hammerites and the Keepers. Grab your Victorian disguises and come along! To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord. To support the show, head to our […]

Put Yourself on the Hitlist for the Robocalypse

Lore Boys are back with some fake history. Since the Cyberpunk expansion was recently announced, and the Netflix show Cyberpunk: Edgerunners just hit the television, we thought we’d revisit a topic we covered long ago to expand on what happened to Night City in the 2020s to bring us to the city where the show […]

A Pox-Ridden Farmer with a Loaf of Soggy Bread

Lore Boys here with all the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Lore we can cram into an approximately podcast-episode length of time. We’re talking creation of the Death Knights, even including the retconned Gul’dan flavours, all the way up to Nerzhul then baby Nerzhul a.k.a. Arthas. For some pre-lore lore, you might want to […]

Tap 3 Mana, Cast Forget Rat Boy

Fake herstory’s #1 podcast, the Lore Boys, has more MtG lore for the fans of it! We’re back into Neon Dynasty to find out what Kaito will do when finds out he’s not the only planeswalker on the block! To hear the other episodes leading up to this one, check out: Tezzeret Lore Kamigawa Part […]