Goo Pool Party

Lore Boys here with some juicy Dark Souls 3 info! We’re telling you all the background information you need on your favourite goo-formed god-eater and all the other tough-boy bosses from the third and (allegedly) final installation of the Dark Souls series. You could say this episode is the Dark Souls of podcasts, and as […]

Dark Souls 3: Better Than Fucking Your Cousin Edition

Lore Boys are back after our unexpected vacation, and we’re here with the hot spiciness that is Dark Souls pre-history. We’re talking that Big Soul Energy as we explain the origins of the Dark Soul, the four roommates who fight about it, Gwyn, the Witch of Izaleth, Nito, and the Freaky — ahem, Furtive Pygmy. […]

Swedish Chef vs. the Moon Santa

Sometimes you have to wonder how an office-supply store chain relates to a city bent on drinking the blood of alien gods which turns them into paranoid, xenophobic beasts. Well the Lore Boys are here to tell you EXACTLY how. We’re talking Bloodborne lore, and we have all the good tales from Yarnham. We talk […]