Our God Has Legs

Lore Boys are back, and Ethan’s hosting, which means we’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons, of course! This episode has all the juicy D&D items you care about: beholders, dancing swords, the Harpers, wizards, Manshoon, necromancy, betrayal, and more. We’re talking the lore of Manshoon, one of D&D’s earliest recurring characters, and his exploits leading up to the Manshoon Wars.
Jamie’s away in Katowice for IEM this week, but Ethan and Peter hold down the fort with the quality lore and goofs we’ve come to expect from ourselves. Ethan explores an ancient barrow looking for an adjective, and Peter blows his hand off while trying to run for city council.

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Kentucky Flayed Chicken

This week the Lore Boys are diving deeper into one of Ethan’s favorite topics: it’s Dungeons & Dragons lore! We’re talking about the Illithid, an alien race hellbent on eating (and maybe other, less savory things) with YOUR brain!

We find out just how many handlers James needs to live his day-to-day life; we talk about slave-owning, plantation running squids; we discuss possible merchandising options like Lore Boys brine solution; and we reveal our secret mix of phlegms and spices. So stick your tadpoles into our brine pool and cuddle up next to this Elder Brain.

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As always, we owe at least one delicious, delicious brain to Eric Skiff for the use of his song, A Night of Dizzy Spells, as our show’s theme song.

Biggie and Blind Guardian Reach the End of Vanilla D

It’s 2018 and we’re bringing planking back! The Lore Boys are here with the (temporary) conclusion to the lore of Bungie’s Destiny. We’re wrapping up Destiny the first as we wait for Destiny 2’s expansions before diving into that.

Today’s topics include but are not limited to: the Vex in an FBI van eating donuts and drinking boiled milk; advice from Biggie Smalls on leading the Fallen; is doritos and cheese curds technically a salad? This episode I struggle with the word presumably, Peter has a stroke and remembers fondly a Shake ‘n’ Bake competitor’s jingle, and James walks us through pranks of the future.

As always, Eric Skiff will be receiving a payment in resurrections via Ghost for the use of our theme song, A Night of Dizzy Spells.


Dungeons, Dragons, and Fishing Pots

Lore Boys are here, to tell a couple Tales from Toril in the most relatable way possible; in Lindsey Lohan terms, of course. We’re here to tell you all about how and why a world of fantasy and adventure was created, and maybe a bit about why so many geeks like us have been playing since the 70s.

We talk about Steve Aoki creating the universe, the benefits of pouring beer out on your crotch, how Mrs. Doubtfire was a pretty bad dad, and, of course giant, ugly, four-armed slugs dancing to make magic. Remember, ‘you wouldn’t download a god,’ but download this episode and you won’t have to!

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As always, our lawful good alignment means we have to mention Eric Skiff, and how awesome it was that he lets us use his song, A Night of Dizzy Spells, as our intro and outro.