No Bridge Left to Live Under

Lore Boys coming back with Dungeons and Dragons Lore! The internet’s #1 fake history podcast is bringing you the hottest in Mad Max meets Dune for your tabletop roleplaying game with the Dark Sun setting. Stretching back to the Blue Age, we cover everything from Preserving Magic to Defiling Magic, from Tyr to Rajaat, from […]

Our God Has Legs

Lore Boys are back, and Ethan’s hosting, which means we’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons, of course! This episode has all the juicy D&D items you care about: beholders, dancing swords, the Harpers, wizards, Manshoon, necromancy, betrayal, and more. We’re talking the lore of Manshoon, one of D&D’s earliest recurring characters, and his exploits leading […]

Biggie and Blind Guardian Reach the End of Vanilla D

It’s 2018 and we’re bringing planking back! The Lore Boys are here with the (temporary) conclusion to the lore of Bungie’s Destiny. We’re wrapping up Destiny the first as we wait for Destiny 2’s expansions before diving into that. Today’s topics include but are not limited to: the Vex in an FBI van eating donuts […]