Orkbraham Lincork

The people have spoken, and they want more 40K Lore! The internet’s #1 fake history podcast, the Lore Boys, is back with another installment of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K universe. This time we’re just a couple of Oddboyz talking about some Mechboyz. The whole gang is here, Ethan, Peter, Gork and Mork, and James! Ethan […]

Sigmar part 3 – The Church of Sigmar and Latter Day Cultists

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5aa92f7360eeb35459c1d96f/episodes/5c3f6a2f113a9c232d4a0e3f.mp3 The Lore Boys are just about ready to wrap up Sigmar’s story with the Age of Sigmar. Hop on board the lore train as we speed towards the conical planets of the Eight Mortal Realms. We take our story from the End Times of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and explain how we end up in […]